Hybrid mana (also known as half-half mana) is a type of mana first introduced in Ravnica: City of Guilds and featured throughout the Ravnica and Shadowmoor blocks.


Hybrid Mana was also featured in the Alara Reborn expansion as an easier way to play three-colored cards, as was the theme of the block. It returned again in Return to Ravnica.

Each hybrid mana symbol represents a cost which can be paid with one of two colors. The hybrid mana symbol can be any combination of two colors or any color of mana and two generic mana.

In textual terms hybrid mana symbols are represented as:

2 Color Hybrid

White or Blue Mana WU
White or Black Mana WB
Blue or Black Mana UB
Blue or Red Mana UR
Black or Red Mana BR
Black or Green Mana BG
Red or Green Mana RG
Red or White Mana RW
Green or White Mana GW
Green or Blue Mana GU

Colorless/Color Hybrid

2 Colorless or White Mana 2W
2 Colorless or Blue Mana 2U
2 Colorless or Black Mana 2B
2 Colorless or Red Mana 2R
2 Colorless or Green Mana 2G
Colors of Mana
White Mana W Blue Mana U Black Mana B Red Mana R Green Mana G
Allied Azorius Mana WMana U Dimir Mana UMana B Rakdos Mana BMana R Gruul Mana RMana G Selesnya Mana GMana W
Enemy Orzhov Mana WMana B Izzet Mana UMana R Golgari Mana BMana G Boros Mana RMana W Simic Mana GMana U
Shards Bant Mana GMana WMana U Esper Mana WMana UMana B Grixis Mana UMana BMana R Jund Mana BMana RMana G Naya Mana RMana GMana W
Wedges Abzan Mana WMana BMana G Jeskai Mana UMana RMana W Sultai Mana BMana GMana U Mardu Mana RMana WMana B Temur Mana GMana UMana R
Other: Colorless Mana C Generic Mana XMana 1Mana 2Mana 3 Snow Mana S WUBRG Mana WMana UMana BMana RMana G
Hybrid ManaPhyrexian Mana Mana WPMana UPMana BPMana RPMana GP
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