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Hyozan Reckoners
Founded on Kamigawa

The Hyozan Reckoners are a group originally founded by Hidetsugu and Toshiro Umezawa on Kamigawa.[1]


Original storyline[]

Its members were bound by a magical blood and kanji magic oath to avenge all deaths within their ranks, and suffering dire consequences if they betray other members.

An oath that Toshi wrote next to Kobo's body was as follows:

“  We will kill you.

We will burn your fields, steal your treasure, destroy your house, and enslave your children. We will murder your spouse, poison your pets, and blasphemy on the graves of your ancestors. We will do all this, and the only way to avoid it is if we cannot find you.

We've already found you.



Neon Dynasty[]

About 1200 years later the group still existed, and formed a yakuza-style crime syndicate with an extensive information network.[2] They have their headquarters in the Undercity of Towashi. Members usually have most of their faces hidden by masks elaborately decorated with teeth and sharp horns. Colorful tattoos are visible on their arms. Most of the Reckoners' weapons were laced with poisons and illegal enhancements.