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Race Gorgon
Birthplace Theros
Lifetime Mending Era

Hythonia is a gorgon who resides on the plane of Theros. She is known by others as "Hythonia the Cruel," as she delights in transforming living creatures to stone in order to add them to her throne.


When the massive gorgon first appeared on the island of Skathos, the citizens believed her to be an avatar of the god Pharika. Finding herself surrounded by worshipers, Hythonia decided to form her throne out of the petrified bodies of her followers. She often exchanges her secrets for beautiful individuals to join her victims as part of her throne.

Unlike other gorgons, it is believed that Hythonia has the ability to transform her skin into stone and shed it, rejuvenating herself from any fatal wounds or even slight scars.[1]

The planeswalker Dack Fayden once saw Skathos in a vision. Visiting the island, Fayden found a cave filled with hundreds of human skeletons and petrified men. After he found a metal arm guard, which was the other part of the magical gauntlet, he was attacked by Hythonia and by a sea witch but managed to escape.[2]


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