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Race Beast Elemental Dinosaur
Birthplace Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era

Illuna, the Wish-Giver is the apex monster of the Ketria triome on Ikoria.

Illuna is an ethereal being with the power to weave dreams and grant wishes, who floats through Ketria from crystal to crystal. Little is known for certain about Illuna, and what is known seems to defy the logic of the waking world. Illuna is said to quite literally make dreams come true, though it seems to bestow its gifts entirely at its own whim.

The planeswalker Vivien Reid is one of the few who have heard Illuna's voice. She spotted Illuna floating through Ketria, murmuring softly. Although she thought her vantage point was obscured, Illuna stared at her, as if it were assessing her very soul.[1] Illuna's cry is an unforgettably beautiful chord that seems to harmonize with the world itself.

There is an ancient tale of Illuna conjuring a creature from dreams, but the creature is different with every recounting.[2]

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