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InQuest Gamer was a prominent monthly gaming magazine. Originally, the magazine was named InQuest and focused solely on trading card games; InQuest, along with its competitor Scrye, were the two major CCG magazines.[1] The magazine was published by Wizard Press.

InQuest #0, the first issue, was published in April 1995. For issue #46 (February 1999), InQuest changed its name to InQuest Gamer (with Gamer in big text on the cover), clearly announcing that it was a magazine about games. Issue #53 made the InQuest title more prominent on the cover again and it had not been changed since then.

InQuest used a casual and sometimes humorous style that has been attributed as a reason for its early popularity. Typical content included news, strategy articles, a price guide for collectible games, and reference lists.

The magazine changed its focus over time to cover a wider range of games. Originally catering to fantasy CCGers, in the end it covered role-playing games, computer and video games, CCGs/TCGs, board games, and others.

Inquest Gamer ceased publication as of September 2007.


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