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Incorporate [cost] and [quality]
Keyword Action
Introduced Alchemy: Karlov Manor
Last used Alchemy: Karlov Manor
Reminder Text Incorporate [cost] and [quality] (Incorporate perpetually adds an additional casting cost to that card, adding any new colors from that cost, and adds [quality] to that card for the rest of the game.)
5 cards
{W} 20% {U} 20% {B} 20% {R} 20% {G} 20%
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Incorporate is a designed-for-digital, MTG Arena-specific keyword action introduced in Alchemy: Karlov Manor.[1] It modifies the cost, and by association color, of cards perpetually.

Description[ | ]

When a card incorporates [quality], that card adds an additional mandatory mana cost to another card, which also perpetually gains additional attributes, mechanics, or abilities. The characteristics of the additional mandatory mana cost, such as color, are also added to the card, in addition to its existing characteristics.[1]

Incorporate is designed to merge the new characteristics provided by the ability onto the target card. The cycle of incorporators shows off the design space of turning monocolored spells multicolored, alongside an ability that pays off multicolor things.

Rules[ | ]

The Incorporate mechanic is not included as part of the Comprehensive Rules.[2] It operates according to the programmed rules of Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Example[ | ]


Guildpact Greenwalker {2}{G}
Creature - Plant Rhino
When Guildpact Greenwalker enters the battlefield, you may choose a creature card in your hand. If you do, that card perpetually incorporates {1}{G} and gets +4/+4.
Multicolored creatures you control have ward {2}.

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