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Infinite Consortium
Founded on Unknown
Status Dissolved
Purpose Mercantile, domination
Founded by Nicol Bolas
Leader Jace Beleren (final), Tezzeret (former)
Notable members Baltrice, Jace Beleren, Kallist Rhoka

The Infinite Consortium was a mercantile organization that spanned several planes.[1]

Description[ | ]

The Infinite Consortium specialized in procuring all possible items clients could ask for, even merchandise from other worlds collected by its planeswalkers. The Consortium was founded by Nicol Bolas but was usurped by Tezzeret in a bloody coup d'état several years before the Conflux. The headquarters, under Tezzeret's leadership, was located in the Iron Tower in a desert region of an unknown plane.[2] There were five planeswalkers working for the Consortium, including Jace, Baltrice and Tezzeret, with three (including Liliana) they occasionally hired.

While the individual cells survived to some extent, the organization as a whole was dissolved when Jace Beleren crushed Tezzeret's mind and destroyed all the information needed to run the Consortium with him. With little direction, Jace could return to the remnants of the Ravnican cell and assume leadership of it. It is not currently known if it is still an active cell.

Following Tezzeret's involvement with New Phyrexia, he spent some time visiting various former safehouses to collect supplies. The process of adding darksteel to his body renewed the memories Jace destroyed, and this allowed him to visit his former stashes. He then eventually located the plane that had held his former headquarters and settled there to plot his next moves.[2]

Planes with known cells[ | ]

  • Aranzhur[1]
  • Kamigawa;[1] a young cell, they had problems with acquiring competent members. The nezumi-bito forcefully opposed the cell's occupation.
  • Kephalai[3]
  • Mercadia[1]
  • Ravnica;[1] one of the most important cells, it was destroyed by Jace Beleren and Liliana Vess, killing most of its members. After Tezzeret's fall, it was repurposed under Jace's leadership.

Other known members[ | ]

References[ | ]

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