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Innistrad: Crimson Vow features a series of 17 promo box toppers.

Description[ | ]

Each booster box has a single-card Box Topper pack featuring a foil Bram Stoker's Dracula reskinned card.[1][2] 17 of the 18 Dracula cards are found as box toppers and in Collector Boosters, where the 18th is a Buy-a-Box promo.[3]

The single-card Box Topper booster now comes attached to a cardboard insert that sits right atop the inside of the booster display. Featuring the art of Magali Villeneuve on one side and Martina Fačková on the other, this cardboard insert has been designed to protect the single-card Box Topper booster inside the display.[3]

Card list[ | ]

No Featured Original card Alternative card title Description Notes
329 Abraham Van Helsing's ward Circle of Confinement Van Helsing's Holy Ward Abraham Van Helsing's equipment
330 Abraham Van Helsing Savior of Ollenbock Abraham Van Helsing The old doctor who understands vampires
331 Mina Harker Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Mina Harker The wife of Jonathan and the one who brought a the group together
332 Jonathan Harker Jacob Hauken, Inspector//Hauken's Insight Jonathan Harker//Harker's Obsessive Inquiry Mina's Husband and the first to meet with Dracula
333 Castle Dracula Thirst for Discovery Search the Count’s Castle Inside the vampire lord's manor/castle.
334 Dracula Falkenrath Forebear Dracula, Blood Immortal The vampire lord.
335 Brides of Dracula Henrika Domnathi//Henrika, Infernal Seer The Three Weird Sisters//Fiends of Darkest Night The vampire lord's wives.
336 Lucy Westenra Innocent Traveler//Malicious Invader Lucy Westenra//Lucy, Arisen Vampire Mina's friend and Dracula's first victim.
337 Dracula Sorin the Mirthless Count Dracula The vampire lord.
338 Dracula Voldaren Bloodcaster//Bloodbat Summoner Dracula, Lord of Blood//Dracula, Lord of Bats The vampire lord.
339 Lucy Westenra and Dracula Vampires' Vengeances Mysterious Blood Illness Vampire transformation of Mina's friend
340 Quincey Harker Reclusive Taxidermist Quincey Harker The son of Jonathan and Mina Harker.
341 Dracula Edgar, Charmed Groom//Edgar Markov's Coffin Dracula the Voyager//Casket of Native Earth The vampire lord.
342 Renfield Eruth, Tormented Prophet Renfield, Delusional Minion The vampire lord's minion.
343 Brides of Dracula Olivia, Crimson Bride Sisters of the Undead The vampire lord's wives.
344 Dr. John Seward Torens, Fist of the Angels Dr. John Seward Van Hellsing's disciple
345 Jonathan Harker Investigator’s Journal Harker’s Journal Jonathan Harker's journal
403 Castle Dracula Voldaren Estate Castle Dracula The vampire lord's manor/castle. Only available as Buy-a-Box promotion

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