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Keyword Action
Introduced Unstable
Last Used Unstable
Reminder Text Install/uninstall (Put/remove the die on/from this card.)
Statistics 1 card
{U} 100%
Scryfall Search

Install and Uninstall are silver-bordered keyword actions which have only been featured on one card in Unstable: Socketed Sprocketer. To install you roll a six-sided die. You put the die on the card with the upper face showing the result. To uninstall, you remove the die from the card.

Examples[edit | edit source]


Socketed Sprocketer {U}
Artifact CreatureCyborg Knight
{T}: Uninstall all results from Socketed Sprocketer, then roll a six-sided die. Install the result on Socketed Sprocketer. (Put the die on this card.)
You may uninstall a result from Socketed Sprocketer to use it for a die you rolled.
Uninstall a 6 from Socketed Sprocketer: Draw a card