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Introductory Two-Player Set
Set Information
Set symbol This set has no own expansion symbol.
Symbol description Cards use the symbol of their original expansion.
Release date End of 1996
Plane Dominaria
Set size 120 cards
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Rivals Quick Start Set Introductory Two-Player Set Anthologies
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Mirage Introductory Two-Player Set Visions

The Introductory Two-Player Set was a Magic box set released at the end of 1996 (exact date unknown), as the European and Asian adaptation of the US Rivals Quick Start Set.[1]



This 2-Player Starter Set was released in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. The Japanese edition slightly differs in design and contents. The English version is also available with Dutch rules. Furthermore, there are two different editions, the regular box set and the Gift Box with additional contents. All the Introductory Two-Player Sets were printed in Belgium by Carta Mundi. The cards look similar to Fourth Edition cards, but feature a 1996 copyright date and in some cases reformatted rules text.


Japanese edition

The Introductory Two-Player Set contained:

  • 120 cards divided into 4 decks (4 x 30)
  • 10 advertisement and instruction support cards (including a Mirage Advertisement Card).
  • 2 player guides which cover 1 demo game (Kazz's Guide and Zakk's Guide)
    • 1 errata sheet to correct page 3 in both player guides (standard edition only)

Gift Box[]

The Gift Box edition featured additional content.

  • 1 enhanced rule book with Fourth Edition rules
  • 2 Homelands boosters of the appropriate language (Fourth Edition boosters for the Japanese version)
  • 1 cloth bag containing 30 glass beads for representation of counters and tokens


Decklist are the same as in the Rivals Quick Start Set, except adding four cards to each second deck (the only new card being Phantom Monster).

Kazz's Deck[]

The additional cards compared to the Rivals Quick Start Set were: 1 Mountain, 1 Mons's Goblin Raiders, 1 Phantom Monster and 1 Power Sink. One of the Islands was replaced with a different illustration.

Zakk's Deck[]

Zakk's Deck

The additional cards compared to the Rivals Quick Start Set were: 1 Swamp, 1 War Mammoth, 1 Weakness, and 1 Mesa Pegasus.