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Irini Sengir
Irini Sengir.jpg
Race Vampire, formerly Dwarf
Birthplace unknown
Lifetime Turned into a vampire ~3420 AR

Irini Sengir is the "adopted daughter" of Baron Sengir.


Irini was once the daughter of the dwarven king of New Freedom on Ulgrotha, and is the great-grandmother of Reveka (though Reveka does not know this). When the Baron Sengir began his campaign against the dwarves, he turned Irini into a vampire and adopted her as his daughter. Irini became completely loyal to the Baron after he cast a spell on her mind. From then on, the Baron kept her around as a source of entertainment and a sign of his conquest. However, after centuries of corruption, Irini is one of the few minions of the Baron that have truly earned his favor. She also became a talented enchantress: she has learned to unweave the magics of others and has become adept in unraveling the spells of her father's enemies.[1]

Irini's dwarven heritage has faded over the centuries, as the Baron altered her shape to please his aesthetics. After many hundreds of years of being with Sengir, Irini now hates Dwarves and believes her reflection to be hideous, even though she is quite attractive.[2]

However, the curse of the undead has driven Irini mad. Irini's dwarven nature, combined with vampiric undeath, created a sort of comical madness that had her speaking only in dwarven riddling verse. Even if her mind was only that of a little girl, she was far from harmless. Her childish desires, mixed with vampiric evil, yielded dark fancies. In fact, her heart is dark, she takes pleasure in the pain of others and loves corrupting that which is pure. She sometimes expresses sadistic and absurd requests, which amuses Baron Sengir greatly, even if he always refuses them. Following her sadistic desires, she madly wants Sengir's signet ring which controls Ihsan's Shade so that she can torment Ihsan and drive him completely mad.[3]

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