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Race Dog
Birthplace Eiganjo, Kamigawa
Lifetime ~3750 AR
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa, Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa

Isamaru (Japanese: (いさ) (まる) ) was the great white akita dog of daimyo Takeshi Konda on Kamigawa.[1] He was well-trained by Konda himself, but like Konda's own daughter, he suffered from the daimyo's lack of attention after Konda's crime. He found a great companion in Michiko.

More than ten years old, Isamaru was present when Toshi Umezawa arrived to free Michiko from her own room, where she was locked away by her father after her journey to Jukai.[2] Later, when O-Kagachi approached Eiganjo, General Takeno released Isamaru from the gates of the castle to give the dog a chance to survive. Isamaru ran to Eiganjo's evacuated population and helped them fight the akki horde that assailed the Towabara plains.

Even later, Isamaru was seen in Towabara again when Toshi arrived to borrow a battle moth from the remaining stables. He was with Constable Aoyama, who tried to prevent Toshi from stealing the animal. Toshi willed himself into the shadows and transported Isamaru to Jukai, near Michiko's position.

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