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Race Goblin
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime unknown

Ishi-Ishi (Japanese: イシイシ) was an akki vigilante who lived in the Sokenzan Mountains of Kamigawa. He was a renowned crackshot, and he constantly used his sling to hurl flaming pebbles at the kami invaders of his mountain home. He was apparently fond of goats: whether as steeds or dinner (or both), it's not entirely clear. He once flew over the Sokenzan Mountains on his goat mount and found the persimmon tree of plenty.[1] He was eventually killed by the Mountain Kami, his body incinerated. The akki carried off his shell, but they left an inscription at the cave of his demise: "Here fell Ishi-Ishi, King of the Flaming Pebbles, Scourge of the Mountain Kami, Lover of Goats. May his shell never burn."

Interestingly enough, "ishi" is a Japanese word meaning "stone."

In-game references[]

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