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Isona Maive
Race Human Planeswalker
Birthplace Aykan
Lifetime Mending Era

Isona Maive is a human planeswalker from Aykan whose specialty is prismatic magic, amplifying the magic of others.

History[ | ]

Magic comic 21 cover variant

Magic comic 21 cover variant.jpg featuring Isona Maeve

After decades of war on Aykan, Isona brought peace to her plane. She published numerous papers in a medical journal about her search for a cure for the spreading madness in the residents of Aykan.[1] She learned of Marit Lage and tried to harness Lage's power to heal the plane. However, she failed to take into account the enchantment binding Lage within the ice, and instead amplified that. This resulted in her deep-freezing Aykan, all its inhabitants, and herself for decades.[2]

During the Battle of Amonkhet, Liliana Vess had a vision of Isona verbally defying the power of Marit Lage. Tezzeret sought Isona for her amplification powers, and caused Liliana to become interested in the girl's safety from him, which naturally led him right to her.[1]

Despite Isona's prejudice against necromancers, she befriended her savior. However, when Isona learned of Liliana's role in the Battle of Amonkhet, she began to shun Liliana. Tezzeret explained his plan to siphon Marit Lage's power with her help, and she agreed, believing he would help her heal Aykan. As payment, she was to kill Liliana. Liliana led her to Innistrad, where a pack of doom weavers imprisoned her in an underground cocoon for the next few decades with instructions to kill anyone else who tried to approach her.[3]

Tezzeret found her, however, and activated his machine to gather mana to cast the Elderspell. Davriel Cane shut the machine down, however, and Isona cut off Tezzeret's connection to the aether, leaving him powerless. Davriel freed her from the siphoning cables, and she fled to Aminatou's plane where she planned to alter fate.[4]

Planes visited[ | ]

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References[ | ]

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