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Race Human
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime Mending Era

Isshin is a human samurai member from Kamigawa. Trained by the Imperials but disillusioned by their rigidity, he gave his heart — and his swords — to the Asari Uprising.


Isshin began his career as the bodyguard for an Imperial statesman in rural Kamigawa. He loved his work and found his employer to be an honorable man, but then the emperor disappeared, splintering the central government. Being so far from Eiganjo, Isshin thought they would be safe, but the chaos left his lord destitute, and Isshin was dismissed. He was wandering the countryside doing odd jobs when he was hired by a blacksmith in Sokenzanshi. There, he learned of the Asari Uprisers, a group dedicated to overthrowing the Imperials and putting the government into the hands of the people. Now, he fights alongside them hoping to bring freedom to the land.[1]

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