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Race Human
Birthplace Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime Dark Age
The Gathering Dark

Lord Ith was a powerful wizard during the post-Brothers' War period on Terisiare (Dominaria). He was leader of the Conclave of Mages.

Ith was imprisoned in a cage by Mairsil, the Pretender in a cave. The cage hung with chains above a deep, dark abyss. Both the cage and the chains siphoned Ith's mana so it could be used to power a diversity of artifacts that were used in the great building above his cage. All the while, Ith was succumbing to madness. With a wisp of thought and a trace of his power, Lord Ith summoned a Rag Man, a messenger specter covered in rags, which he begged to go out and find help. Ith was later freed from his cage by Jodah, who was slowly driven to him by the mysterious Rag Man. Following his freedom, Ith allied with Tivadar during the Goblin Wars.

Continuity issues[]

In prerevisionist history, his name was Barl (Lord Ith presumably having been intended as a title); after the revision, Barl was the man who created the cage he was kept in.[1]

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