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Ixalan block

The Ixalan block is composed of the large expansion Ixalan () and the small expansion Rivals of Ixalan ().[1] Ixalan block is the last block before the introduction of the Three-and-One Model.[2]

On December 9, 2016 an official Wizards of the Coast survey showed packaging design concepts for Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation and two previously unknown sets: Atlazan and Conquest of Power.[3] On the same day Blake Rasmussen performed some damage control in the Daily Magic Update, implying that the real names for the sets would be revealed on Announcement Day. Indeed, these became Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan.

The Explorers of Ixalan annex set is thematically connected, but isn't part of the block.

Cancelled Masterpiece Series[ | ]

The proposed Masterpiece Series for Ixalan block was canceled, because R&D had realized that producing one for each set would eventually lead to the overall quality level dropping below their standards.[2][4] The Ixalan Masterpieces would have had an "exploration" theme.[5] The proposed card frame was reused for the land back face of the legendary transforming enchantments.[6]

Several cards with Ixalan themed art and searching mechanics later turned up in other places and are suspected to have been part of these "Ixalan Explorations":[7]

It was also speculated that the artwork for Goblin Trailblazer (Rivals of Ixalan) was originally commissioned as a masterpiece version of Goblin Guide.[8] Artwork for Imperial Seal (Double Masters 2022) was also commissioned for Ixalan as a "high profile, Tier One card", but it cannot be confirmed that it was for the Masterpiece Series specifically. [9]

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