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Race Human
Birthplace Otaria, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4285-4306 AR
Onslaught, Legions, Scourge

Ixidor was a powerful wizard and well-known pit champion from Dominaria.


Ixidor lost all his fame and fortune after his love Nivea was killed by Phage in a Cabal pit fight.

After the fight, Ixidor was banished to a desert for failing to pay his debts to the Cabal. There, he discovered his powers to create real things instead of just illusions. (This was, in fact, the power of the numena Lowallyn, who was reincarnated within him.) He used his newfound abilities to create a bizarre paradise for himself, shaped entirely by his mind's whims. He also created an army led by Akroma to wage war on the Cabal in order to get revenge on Phage for killing Nivea. The Cabal survived the attack and tracked Akroma back to Ixidor's fortress, which they then proceeded to attack. During this battle, Ixidor was consumed by a deathwurm representing Nivea's death. Later, Akroma found the wurm and it was revealed that he was living in it, worshipping the image of Nivea that resided in it. He restored Akroma but refused to come back to the real world.

When Kamahl decided to kill Karona, he found the wurm and killed it, freeing Ixidor and recruiting him to his cause. However, Ixidor was killed in the final battle by Karona, who took control of a stone golem he created and used it to crush him.


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The unmen were creations of Ixidor; silhouettes of himself that were living portals to parts of his kingdom, to be used in need of escape.

Planar Chaos alternate reality[]

Within the Planar Chaos expansion set, there are cards that represent possible alternate realities, and their characters. It was revealed that there is an alternate reality in which Ixidor becomes black-aligned and creates a red Akroma instead of white, as depicted in Null Profusion.[1]

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