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Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Birth Unknown- died 10,012 ZC

Izolda was a Rakdos bloodwitch from Ravnica. She may, or may not, have been the same character as Lyzolda.


Since Rakdos spent most of his time slumbering in the lava pit in Rix Maadi, several people took up the title of acting Guildmaster for his Cult in his absence. The bloodwitch Izolda held the mantle of acting Guildmaster for a few hundred years, up until her death following the Decamillennial.[1]

Izolda wanted to raise Rakdos and to take control of him to raise chaos on a massive scale herself. For the ritual to work, she used draconic cerebral fluid, provided by Momir Vig and the blood of a guildmaster: in this case that of Myc Savo Zunich, the son of the Golgari guildmaster Jarad and the ledev guard Fonn. Myc's parents intervened, however, unintentionally disrupting the spell, which resulted in a shared mind between Myc and Rakdos instead. Later, Izolda finished the ritual by killing Jarad and took control of Rakdos herself.

Unbeknownst to her, Vig knew her plans and had planned to use Project Kraj to defeat Rakdos and use this victory to convince the inhabitants of Ravnica to give him control of the entire plane. Vig was killed by Agrus Kos, and in the ensuing battle Rakdos was trapped within Kraj. Kraj later fell still but not before Rakdos suffered extensive damage. Izolda suffered the backlash of the spell and unfortunately for her, her fellow cult members saw her moment of weakness, and tore her limb from limb to feast on her flesh. With the nature of the spell, Rakdos's mind was split amongst all those who consumed a piece of the blood-witch and he dropped into a coma as a result.


Although Izolda was the name of the blood witch in Dissension, she appears in the cards as Lyzolda.[2] The card Lyzolda, the Blood Witch was originally going to represent Izolda, but the name of the card was changed after the novel was printed. The author of the novel, Cory Herndon, thought of an explanation for the similar names by saying that the "zolda" part of their names is added to the name of every acting guildmaster of the Rakdos.[3] He later said that as far as he was concerned Lyzolda could be considered the acting guildmaster of the Rakdos after Izolda died.[4]

Lyzolda was first mentioned in an official storyline source at the time of Guilds of Ravnica block, in a story by Nicky Drayden. It was noted that she had had many enemies.[5]

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