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Jack Chierdagh (aka Mistmeadow Jack) was a kithkin scout of the Mistmeadow doun at the plane of Shadowmoor. Jack was secretly in love with Keeley Welk, the daughter of the doun cenn, Molla Welk.[1]


When Mistmeadow was threatened by the rampage of Rosheen Meanderer, who was pursuing her runaway cloudgoat, the doun's citizens called for help. They were offered help by Maralen, and also by the Kinscaer cenn Donal Alloway. Jack, as the best scout, volunteered to go on a mission to retrieve Rosheen's scroll and lure her away from the doun. Alloway seemingly supported him, but he also offered the Mistmeadow people (in front of cenn Welk) the possibility to leave the doun for the better fortified Kinscaer.

During Jack's journey he encountered the merrow brigand group led by Captain Sygg, one of its members being a strange kithkin named Brigid Baeli. In self-defense, Jack killed one of the merrow looters, and was saved from Sygg's wrath by Brigid's intervention. Brigid then gave Jack a strange weapon, a magical wingbow allowing its owner to fly. Jack pursued Rosheen with the help of the bow. Later, he was met by two strange faeries, who offered him help. These faeries were Veesa and Iliona of the Vendilion clique, who were sent to help him by Maralen at Brigid's plea. The fae helped him to retrieve the scroll, and also defended him from Oona's loyalist fae, who wanted to get the scroll for their queen. Jack gained the scroll, but was lightly poisoned in the process by Oona's fae. When he awoke, he was without the scroll, but near Mistmeadow, and Rosheen's path had been diverted from the doun. He was welcome by Keeley and Molla Welk, and became the official Hero of Mistmeadow. However, Jack learned that many Mistmeadowers took Alloway's offer and were moving to Kinscaer. The rest remained, inspired by their new hero.

Later, when Ashling the Destroyer attacked Mistmeadow, Jack, as the new hero, helped to defend the doun along with Brigid and the Wilt Leaf elves.