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Race Human
Birthplace Morkrut, Nephalia, Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

Jadar is the foremost ghoulcaller of Nephalia, Innistrad.[1]


Once the surgeon of a small township, Jadar turned to necromancy to treat an unfamiliar plague. When the final villager fell, Jadar succumbed to necromancy-fueled madness. He raised the entire town and issued every ghoul a clean writ of health. Jadar is now a particularly infamous ghoulcaller who spends his time fishing bodies out of a marsh called Morkrut. He then reanimates the corpses and sends them on their way with a simple task—one usually designed for his own enjoyment.[2]

The infamous necromancer plunders grafs for miles around the delta. In fact, once there were so many corpses to dredge from the marsh that his wheelbarrow was insufficient. He had never met a problem that necromancy couldn't solve, so he scoured the marsh until he found the corpse of a massive turtle. A little magic made it even larger, and then a lot of magic reanimated it as the perfect beast of burden, both cart and horse. Calling the creature Gorex, it now serves as Jadar's primary means of transport.[3]

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