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Race Vedalken
Birthplace Mirrodin

Janus of the Synod was one of the chief members of the vedalken Synod of Lumengrid on Mirrodin.

Janus was the vedalken's chief representative to their master, Memnarch. He was initially defeated by Glissa Sunseeker as he visited her in the Tangle, but Janus killed Kane via a Disarm spell (Kane was a Viridian elf and as such, his copper arms, legs etc. melted.) Glissa then cut off two of Janus's fingers. She later used those fingers to gain access to the Pool of Knowledge.

Glissa and Janus battled again at the Pool of Knowledge and Glissa killed Janus.

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  • Janus was also a Greco-Roman god with two faces, often alluded to in literature as a symbol of duplicity.