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Race Human
Birthplace New Capenna, New Capenna
Lifetime Present
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Jaxis, the Troublemaker is a human warrior of the Riveteers family in New Capenna.



Demons rule New Capenna, but word from the Caldaia is that won't be true for long.

There's a star down there in the boxing rings, a name lifted by the cheering crowds of New Capenna's deepest borough: Jaxis, the Troublemaker. She's a fighter, a boxer, one of the best to ever do it. Got a right hook like the Capenna main line and a jab like a jackhammer. Undefeated, she's good enough that people have started to talk; following a failed hit on her by Maestro assassins, people have started to hope.

Everyone saw it. The assassins cornered her, outnumbered her five to one, and then in a flash she was surrounded by burning shadows — shadows the people recognized. They were other champions; some she'd fought, some who had retired or passed on long ago. Called to her side, they walloped the assassins, driving them away to the cheers of the bystanders. Jaxis isn't just the best, the people say: she's blessed. Demons might rule New Capenna, but fighters like Jaxis bring the people hope.[1]

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