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Jazal Goldmane
Race Nacatl Leonin
Birthplace Quasali Valley, Naya, Alara
Lifetime died shortly before the Conflux
Alara Unbroken

Jazal Goldmane was the elder brother of Ajani Goldmane and the kha of their Naya leonin tribe.


He was a great leader renowned for his morality and character. He had a keen interest in history and prophecy, and he sought to understand the nature of the fractured plane of Alara. With the help of his brother, Jazal led his pride to prosperity and peace. In contrast to the rest of the Wild Nacatl, he questioned the divide of his people since the Breaking of the Coil and even tried to reach out to the Cloud Nacatl. For his political beliefs he was killed by undead horrors that the pride-shaman Zaliki had been manipulated into summoning.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Flight of the White Cat, Part 1 Brady Dommermuth 2008-10-08 Alara block Naya Ajani Goldmane, Jazal Goldmane
Flight of the White Cat, Part 2 Brady Dommermuth 2008-10-15 Alara block Naya, Jund Ajani Goldmane, Jazal Goldmane


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