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Race Human
Birthplace Nephalia, Innistrad

Jenrik was a mysterious astronomancer living in a tall tower on the Silver Beach of Innistrad's province of Nephalia.

Jenrik's Tower[]

The mortar of Jenrik's tower has been mixed with sand from the beach, making it glitter in the moonlight. Inside, he conducted his work studying the stars, eschewing all contact with the outside world. He made observations of the moon, charting its path across the heavens.[1]


The only person welcomed by Jenrik, was the moonfolk planeswalker Tamiyo. She spent months poring over his countless charts and adding her own observations.[2] On her intignation, Jenrik came to Markov Manor to question Sorin Markov about recent celestial distaurbances. As the vampires were about to catch him and feast on him, someone ripped the castle apart and trapped the vampires and Jenrik in the walls.[3]

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