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Jeremy Jarvis is the current Magic: The Gathering Franchise Creative Director for Wizards of the Coast.

Jeremy Jarvis
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General Information
Status Inactive: Mirrodin to Conflux
Education/ Training Pratt Institute
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Early life and education[]

Jarvis grew up in small-town Alabama and moved to New York City right after high school and just before his eighteenth birthday. There he attended Pratt Institute as a Fine Arts major, intending to work in comics upon graduation. He graduated Summa Cum Laude, but by then the desire to pencil comics had been replaced with the love for watercolor. His work has been included in The Spectrum Awards and The Society of Illustrators’ prestigious Annual Exhibition.

As an independent artist Jarvis had illustrated nearly 50 Magic cards before joining Wizards of the Coast full-time.

Career at Wizards[]

Jarvis joined Wizards in August 2005 as the company's lead concept artist for Magic. In April 2006, midway through the Time Spiral block, he was promoted to senior art director, responsible for guiding the art of every single Magic card. One of his goals when he took over the job was to push for "spell" art that was less literal and more abstract and metaphorical.[1]

After nine years of being the sole art director responsible for commissioning Magic: The Gathering artworks,[2] Jarvis was promoted in October 2015 to "Principal Designer of Worlds & IP".[3] In March 2017, he became the Franchise Creative Director, responsible for orchestrating all creative expressions of the Magic IP.

Jarvis' former responsibilities were divided between Dawn Murin, Mark Winters, Cynthia Sheppard and later Kieran Yanner.[4]



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