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Race Human
Birthplace Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

Bishop Jerren was a Human cleric from Innistrad.


Jerren was a bishop of Sigarda and a part-time member of the Lunarch council, but he was also a secret member of the demon-worshipping Skirsdag Cult.[1] Before The Travails, Jerren dedicated his life to the restoration of the demon Griselbrand. When Liliana Vess defeated Griselbrand, Jerren grew despondent and suggestible. The demon Ormendahl whispered in his ear, instructing Jerren to dedicate the cult to him instead. The cultist obliged. When Ormendahl emerged from hiding, Jerren stepped down from his position on the Lunarch Council, handing its reins over to the demon. But Ormendahl succumbed to the Eldrazi's corruption, and Jerren was killed along with the rest of the Council during the Battle of Thraben.[2]

Jerren was also involved with the Heron's Grace Orphanage where he would verbally and physically abuse the young boys in his care. He was attacked by Tim, one of the orphans, who was transformed into a werewolf by a unnamed female werewolf who worked as a doctor at the orphanage.[3]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Lunarch Inquisition James Wyatt 2016-05-04 Shadows over Innistrad Innistrad Thalia, Odric, Grete, Jerren, Dougan, Haral, Traft

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