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Race Phyrexian
Birthplace Mirrodin
Lifetime Mending Era

Jin-Gitaxias is the blue-aligned praetor of New Phyrexia.[1]


Jin-Gitaxias' enormous body is made of chrome, with clawed arms and a curved spine. Exposed ribs and pointed vertebrae are displayed like metalwork. His face and mouth are monstrous and bird-like, with too many sharp points and long, flat teeth.[2] His voice sounds like metal grating against metal.

Obsessed with perfecting Phyrexia to its highest potential, he is the author of a revisionist philosophy known as "Great Synthesis", which takes some liberties with Phyrexia's core religious philosophy as to make progress easier. For instance, he sees the original Father of Machines as ultimately imperfect (the same applied to the later leader), and discards the term "evolution" when applied to Phyrexia as he feels it is an inappropriate term to describe what is really going on (as well as to distinguish his views of perfection from those of Vorinclex and Glissa).

Living in what was once the Lumengrid, he tends a huge variety of newts that grow in vats attached to nearly every place in the facilities. His interest in perfection and natural curiosity lead him to explore the occult, and it is implied he can make use of White and Black mana. Using Sheoldred's necromantic prophetic visions, he has the access to many creature designs he can turn his newts into via his knowledge on various forms of magic.

He apparently hates Vorinclex and considered Karn too incompetent to rule. He once captured Tezzeret, and brought him before Karn.[3] Although Elesh Norn is aware of his machinations, Jin-Gitaxias appears to keep an at least neutral relationship towards her for the moment.

Neon Dynasty[]

Kaito Shizuki and Tamiyo confront Jin-Gitaxias in Otawara.

As creatures without souls, Phyrexians cannot innately develop planeswalker abilities. In her bid to take over The Multiverse, the praetor Elesh Norn challenged Jin-Gitaxias to find a way to turn planeswalkers into Phyrexians. With the aid of Tezzeret, Jin-Gitaxias arrived on Kamigawa, believing the plane's dual-realm nature would help further his studies.[4]

There, he began working with the Hyozan Reckoners and the Futurist Tameshi in the Towashi Undercity.[2] Having long coveted the secrets of planeswalking, Jin-Gitaxias began performing experiments on Kamigawa's kami, believing their ability to pass between Kamigawa's two realms made them perfect test subjects.[5] Through these experiments, he successfully devised a way to compleat a planeswalker without removing their soul. Kaito Shizuki and Tamiyo eventually discovered his base, beginning a confrontation, during which the Wanderer cut in him half. However, his body was recovered by Tezzeret and rebuilt on New Phyrexia, where he compleated the kidnapped Tamiyo into the first Phyrexian planewalker.[6][7]

Planes visited[]

As a powerful Phyrexian, Jin-Gitaxias is able to travel to other planes using an improved form of the Planar Bridge.


  • In the webcomic Dark Discoveries, it is revealed that Jin-Gitaxias is a parent after he threatened to feed Tezzeret to his larvae.


Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Dark Discoveries, Part 3 Doug Beyer 2011-05-19 New Phyrexia New Phyrexia Tezzeret, Jin-Gitaxias, Karn
Episode 2: Lies, Promises, and Neon Flames Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-24 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa Kaito Shizuki, Himoto, Eiko Shizuki, Tameshi, Jin-Gitaxias
Episode 3: An Unexpected Alliance Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-25 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa Kaito Shizuki, Himoto, Mud-Tail, Tamiyo, Nashi, Jin-Gitaxias, The Wanderer
Episode 4: The Break-In Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-26 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa The Wanderer, Kaito Shizuki, Tamiyo, Kyodai, Light-Paws, Eiko Shizuki, Tezzeret, Jin-Gitaxias
Episode 5: Threads of War Akemi Dawn Bowman 2022-01-26 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa The Wanderer, Kaito Shizuki, Himoto, Tezzeret, Tamiyo, Kyodai, Risona, Light-Paws, Eiko Shizuki, Jin-Gitaxias

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