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Joel Mick is a former Magic playtester, designer and developer for Wizards of the Coast.


In the late 1980s, Mick was one of the playtesters from the University of Pennsylvania that Richard Garfield tagged to help get the Alpha card set (and game rules) ready for public consumption. Together with Bill Rose, Charlie Catino, Don Felice, Howard Kahlenberg and Elliott Segal, Joel formed the "Penn group" that designed Mirage and Visions.[1][2][3] He later became Head Designer & Developer (the positions were combined back then) and Magic's Brand Manager.[4] In the former capacity he hired Mark Rosewater as a member of R&D.[5] In the latter function he introduced foil cards, starting with in Urza's Legacy.[6]

Jalum Tome is named after Joel, whose initials are JLM, or "jalum" when pronounced. Later, he modeled for Unglued's Jalum Grifter.[7]





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