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John Scott Tynes (born 1971) is an American writer best known for his work on role-playing games such as Unknown Armies, Delta Green, Puppetland, and for his company, Tynes Cowan Corporation. Under its imprint, Pagan Publishing, Tynes Cowan Corp. produces third-party books for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game under license from Chaosium as well as fiction and non-fiction books under its imprint, Armitage House.

Wizards of the Coast[]

In May 1994, Tynes took a job with Wizards of the Coast, working under the new Wizards RPG department lead, Jonathan Tweet. Tynes was the first content lead on the Magic: The Gathering. Tynes decided to move Pagan Publishing to Seattle that year, and the company became incorporated. After the move many of the projects Tynes envisioned for the company materialized. In June 1995, Tynes resigned from Wizards of the Coast, disliking their new corporate ideals of branding.[1][2]

John Tynes wrote Nature of Dominia, an essay describing the nature of the Multiverse and its planeswalkers. It was originally published in 1995 in The Pocket Players' Guide for Magic: The Gathering - Fourth Edition. He also wrote Feast of Kjeld, a story published in the Duelist, set in the Ice Age. In addition, he wrote the flavor text for Homelands.


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