Jorgan Hage

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Jorgan Hage
Race Human
Birthplace Empire of Madara (Ærathi), Dominaria
Lifetime ~4150 AR
Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist, Champion's Trial

Jorgan Hage was an Aerathi berserker from Dominaria. He served in the Kentsu, first as the second in command, later as general.

Hage was infuriated when Ramses Overdark remarked that the Kentsu had fallen deeply to let barbarians like the Ærathi in its ranks. He ambushed him, but the assassin proved too powerful. Overdark infused Hage with black mana, making the berserker his minion, but erased all knowledge of their encounter from Hage's mind.

For a while Overdark let Hage continue as normal, fighting as Marhault Elsdragon's second in command, but when Elsdragon had no further purpose in Overdark's plans, he had Hage decapitate the general and claim the title. Thus Overdark had replaced a general loyal to the emperor with a general loyal to himself.

Hage quickly promoted his own tribesmen to commanders and marshals, but after a gigantic defeat on Argenti he was called back to defend the Imperial Shrine in which Overdark was stationed. When Tetsuo Umezawa showed up, declaring he wanted vengeance on Overdark, Jorgan had his army attack the lone warrior, but Tetsuo called down a meteor shower that killed everyone but the black-mana infused Hage and himself. Hage and Tetsuo fought, a battle in which Tetsuo was victorious. Later Tetsuo used Hage's warhammer in his Meteor Hammer spell.

Jorgan Hage appeared in Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist and Champion's Trial.