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God of Winter
Jorn, God of Winter.jpg
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim

Jorn is the Skoti god of winter. He is an exceptional tracker who knows the swiftest, safest paths across (and between) every realm.[1]


As an exceptional tracker who is fascinated by the natural world, Jorn spends decades on end alone in the wilds. He can predict storms years before they arrive and can also control the weather around him, but he prefers to let nature take its course while he observes and learns.

Jorn can read signs that are invisible to others. He can also talk with all animals, whose company he prefers over gods and humans alike, and often has one or two accompanying him on his travels.[2]


When Alrund set out on his quest to fight every Cosmos monster and learn their secrets, the only person he asked for help was his brother Jorn. Only Jorn knew how to find a path through the Cosmos and track the elusive, magical monsters, making him indispensable for Alrund's mission. The two brothers still share a strong bond, and Jorn readily returns from his wandering when the Skoti are in need of his help.


  • Jorn is based on Skaði, the Norse goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains.
  • Jorn's name may be a reference to Jörð Norse goddess who personifies the earth.
  • Furthermore, it must be noted that in the myth, the God of Winter was female, while the God of the Sea was male. Thus, it may be assumed that Cosima and Jorn are gender swapped versions of their inspirations.

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