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Race Human
Birthplace Ulgrotha
Lifetime ~3800 AR

Joven has a great reputation throughout the Homelands. A master thief and excellent cat-burglar, he is able in talking his way out of tight situations. Joven has earned a reputation of fear amongst merchants, and respect amongst the other rogues and thieves of the Homelands. He is best known for stealing jewelry and other valuables, and fencing it off to others for little profit. He is hunted by numerous public and private groups, though Joven has been very careful to not offend or steal from anyone who may have the money or resources to catch him.

Nevertheless, Joven and his partner in crime Chandler tricked Eron the Relentless into giving them his prized Ebony Rhino. Adding this to the fact that Eron and Joven have had a number of disagreements in the past, it's no surprise that Eron has sworn that if he ever catches Joven on his side of Strongrock, his death would be more legendary than his deeds.[1] This, however, does not keep Joven from sneaking into Koskun Keep, but it does keep him well aware of the dangers he faces when he walks the passages beneath the Koskun Mountains.

Joven is helped in his thefts by his well-trained ferrets that are skilled at climbing buildings or providing distraction while their master escapes in another direction. These mischievous creatures, which are Joven's trademark, have years of training and understand basic hand signals, like sit, beg, run and climb. Joven also uses many tools acquired along his travels in the Homelands: they are a utility belt of rope, picks and other thieves tools, but all extremely high quality, and some are of magical origin.[2]

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