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Plane Kamigawa

Jukai (Japanese: (じゅ) (かい) ; literally: "Sea of Trees") forest is a major green-aligned location on Kamigawa, an ancient forest composed mainly of huge cedar trees.[1] It is almost as large as all the surrounding territories combined.[2]


The forest is inhabited by the orochi (snakefolk), and humans: budoka and kannushi monks, and the border regions are a home of kitsune (fox-folk), with many villages built there. There are many kitsune villages along the northwestern forest, and larger ones in the south.[3] About a days walk from the edge of the forest, the terrain becomes hillier and the trees become larger. The orochi lands are located about a four days' walk into the forest.[4] Part of Jukai was destroyed during the soratami invasion during the events of Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa.

The guardian dragon of Jukai is Jugan.

The Order of Jukai[]

Circa 1,200 years after the events of the Kami War, the Order of the Jukai was established to preserve nature and reverence for the spirits.[5]

Kami occasionally make their way through merge gates, and while the Imperials had constructed them to keep the crossings safe, the Order of Jukai have built temples to make sure the kami felt welcomed. They believed spirits are a sacred part of nature that should be revered.


  • Boseiju. The oldest tree on the plane — a huge twisted old cedar. Its name means "she who shelters all."
  • Okina. The largest temple in the Jukai Forest; means "shrine to the grandfathers."
  • Sugi Hayashi. One of the villages in the forest; the home of lady Pearl-Ear and Sharp-Ear.

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