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Jumpstart 2022
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Release date December 2, 2022
Plane Various
Keywords/​ability words Various
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Jumpstart series
Jumpstart Jumpstart 2022 N/A
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Jumpstart 2022 is a supplemental Magic booster set with mostly reprints and some new cards. It will be released on December 2, 2022.[2][3]

Set details[]

Jumpstart 2022 is the follow-up to the first Jumpstart. Jumpstart 2022 comes packed with a new Booster Fun card treatment, a new-to-Magic card in every pack, dozens of themes to mix and match, with plenty of reprints.[4] The set contains TBA reprints but also introduces TBA new cards that are designed to help fill out some of the themes.

The set is compatible with Set Jumpstart releases, meaning that the half decks can be played with set-specific Jumpstart Boosters from Dominaria United or The Brothers' War and beyond.[5]


Jumpstart 2022 is sold in 20-card Jumpstart Boosters, with 18 boosters per booster box. Each booster features one new card and a Booster Fun card in anime style.[4]



Themes and mechanics[]

There are 46 themes that range from the familiar to the curious.[4]

Name Color Rarity Theme Rares Mythics
Eldrazi {C} Eldrazi
Multi-headed creatures {M} Hydras
Goblins[5] Goblins
Cats[5] Cats


Jumpstart comes with neither tokens nor emblems: that said, a number of cards in the set generate tokens, so a list is provided below for reference.


Jumpstart contains cycles of new cards.

Notable cards[]

New cards[]

Other cards with new art[]

Paper and digital exclusives[]

Changes in rarity[]

Pack Summary cards[]

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