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Jumpstart 2022 is a supplemental Magic booster set with mostly reprints and some new cards. It is expected to release in Q4 of 2022.[2]

Set details[]

Jumpstart 2022 is the follow-up to the first Jumpstart. Jumpstart 2022 comes packed with a new Booster Fun card treatment, a new-to-Magic card in every pack, dozens of themes to mix and match, with plenty of reprints.[3] The set contains TBA reprints but also introduces TBA new cards that are designed to help fill out some of the themes.


Jumpstart 2022 is sold in 20-card boosters, with 24 boosters per booster box. Each booster features one new card and a Booster Fun card in anime style.[3]




Themes and mechanics[]

There are 46 themes that range from the familiar to the curious.[3]

Name Color Rarity Theme Rares Mythics
Eldrazi {C} Eldrazi
Multi-headed creatures {M} Hydras


Jumpstart comes with neither tokens nor emblems: that said, a number of cards in the set generate tokens, so a list is provided below for reference.


Jumpstart contains cycles of new cards.

Notable cards[]

New cards[]

Other cards with new art[]

Paper and digital exclusives[]

Changes in rarity[]

Pack Summary cards[]

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