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Jumpstart Boosters are booster packs targeted at players that prefer to skip the deckbuilding phase of a game and prefer to play a quick round of Magic: The Gathering with randomized decks. They became a regular feature of Premier sets in 2022 starting with Dominaria United.


Jumpstart packs let players new and returning alike mix, match, and enjoy the mayhem of unique themes with each latest release.[1] Jumpstart packs in Dominaria United and beyond follow the original Jumpstart release where each pack is a hidden theme to discover when you open, and shuffling any two packs together is all you need to be ready to play.

Each Jumpstart booster includes a half deck (20 cards). All 20 cards fit a theme, and most themes have multiple variations. Each set will include several themes, each feeling right at home with what the set offers players. The packs feature cards from the relevant set, including a rare or mythic rare, two foil basic lands, and a mechanically unique rare especially designed for the Jumpstart pack.


Jumpstart Boosters were introduced in 2020 with the eponymous Jumpstart set.[2] After an enthusiastic reception, they were quickly brought to MTG Arena with Jumpstart: Historic Horizons. A second physical set was announced for 2022.[3] In that same year, Jumpstart Boosters replaced Theme Boosters for Premier sets.[1]