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Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era

Juri is a charismatic master of ceremonies of the Cult of Rakdos on Ravnica. He is the proprietor of the infamous Juri Revue.[1]


In the last few years, the Juri Revue has gone from being an obscure discovery to one of the most influential cultural venues in the city of Ravnica. The performances at the Revue feature human, devil, and ogre performers and include real flame, spikes, blades, and blood. The subject of the performances usually involves skewering the powerful, sometimes literally. The Azorius Senate, the Living Guildpact, and God-Emperor Nicol Bolas are frequent subjects of the Revue's satirical plays. Each performance ends with the murder of at least one audience member, which sends the survivors into paroxysms of excitement and horror.

Juri himself is the charismatic master of ceremonies. Wearing his signature crown of blades and gesturing with his flaming whip for emphasis, he directs the frenetic action of his murderer-performers and decides which acts will be performed on a given day. He has attracted the eye of Rakdos himself, who has attended several performances. Lord Rakdos's interest has increased the Revue's popularity in the short term, but it is known well that Rakdos will not tolerate being upstaged for long, and Juri may end up becoming the grand finale of his own act someday.

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