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Race Spirit
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime Mending Era

Kaima, the Kami of Forest Fellowship, is a Kami from the plane of Kamigawa, who has the form of a massive boar with bear's claws.


Kaima is a highly protective kami who lives at the roots of Boseiju. As the manifestation of the Forest Fellowship, he is staunchly suspicious of technology and the Saiba Futurists destroying the peace and balance of nature. Therefore, he volunteered to help the Order of Jukai to protect his forest home.

Kaima channeled his magic into the sword of an orochi samurai named Chishiro, and the duo become a fearsome force.[1] Their bond was represented in the blade the samurai carried. Kaima was even able to extend his magic to Chishiro's squadron. After many defeats, the Futurists tried a different tactic: lead by the toad-rider Tatsunari, they trapped Chishiro, broke his sword, and killed his companions. Chishiro had to shatter his bond with Kama in order to save both himself and his kami.

Kaima was enraged, and driven from Chishiro began a rampage. Feeling betrayed by Chishiro's decision, Kaima began nurturing a hatred for humans and their fallibility. People begin to live in fear of the fractured kami in the woods. Kaima eventually found its way to the shrine of the Far Corner neighborhood of Towashi. When a Mukotai scout entered the village searching for kami, Kaima killed the scout, beginning a war with the Reckoner gang. The village elders hired Chishiro to protect the neighborhood, and after he chased the Mukotai off, he was able to reforge the bond with his kami and his blade along with it.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Blade Reflected and Reborn Emma Mieko Candon 2022-02-07 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Kamigawa Chishiro, Ayari, Kaima, Jenzo, Tatsunari

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