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Kaladesh block

The Kaladesh block is composed of the large expansion Kaladesh () and the small expansion Aether Revolt ().[1] It was released in 2016-2017.

Masterpieces[ | ]

The Masterpiece Series set for this block is Kaladesh Inventions (). Although appearing in the booster packs the Masterpiece Series is not considered to be part of the block.[2]

Color pie[ | ]

Kaladesh block features a new take on how each color is interacting with artifacts and aether. Unlike Mirrodin, where some colors are opposing artifacts, in Kaladesh all colors mimic the creative process of the inventor. Each color / phase is also represented by a race.[3][4]

  • Green: Inspiration (Elves). Elves can see and understand the aether in ways that the other races can not. They are brought into the cities to help accommodate the buildings and infrastructure to the flow of aether. They implement natural forms in their artifacts.
  • Blue: Innovation (Vedalken). The Vedalken of this plane have an insatiable curiosity and are detail oriented. They are able to see imperfections in artifacts and like to improve them by iteration.
  • White: Building (Dwarves). Dwarves have a great work ethic, value craftsmanship, never tire and have an extreme eye for quality. They love their tools.
  • Red: Liberation (Gremlins). The Gremlins of Kaladesh are non-sapient, six-limbed that feed on Aether, dismantling artifacts to get it. Their saliva is corrosive, allowing them to breach through metal hulls to reach their food. When they feed they glow in a faint blue colour. Considered a plague, they are actually part of the aether-system by releasing the aether in the air.
  • Black: Reclamation (Aetherborn). The Aetherborn are byproducts of the aether refinement with short lifespans (some months or years). They never sleep and are the ultimate consumers of the city. Aetherborn love art, races, automaton fights and to collect things.
  • All colors: Synthesize (Humans). The humans are the inventors, assembling elements from all phases of the cycle to create new things. Without humans there wouldn't be an industry on Kaladesh.

Mega cycle[ | ]

Cycle name {W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Rare color artifacts Peacewalker Colossus (Aether Revolt) Merchant's Dockhand (Aether Revolt) Scrapheap Scrounger (Kaladesh ) Bomat Courier (Kaladesh ) Lifecrafter's Bestiary (Aether Revolt)
Five artifacts that have an activated ability requiring a color, one for each color.

Theme decks[ | ]

References[ | ]

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