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Race Elemental Dinosaur
Birthplace Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era
Commander 2020

Kalamax, the Stormsire is a legendary elemental dinosaur from the plane of Ikoria.

Kalamax is a creature of pure, destructive chaos: few creatures are as catastrophically destructive as Kalamax, which is capable of unleashing torrents of earth-shattering lightning. It wanders as it pleases, throwing out enough chaotic energy to power - or demolish - a city. It's capable of leveling mountains, and whole horizon lines are changed in the wake of its passage.[1]

Its mood changes with the weather, and vice versa.[2] He creates lightning storms when he is annoyed, upset, or excited. Some of Ikoria's biggest disasters happened because Kalamax was in a bad mood. It is rumored that he was responsible for an infamous Shark Typhoon.[3]

Kalamax exudes raw elemental energy, power any mage would covet - if they could get close enough to harness it.

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