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* [[Doomskar]] {{-}} mini-[[Wikipedia:Ragnarök|Ragnaröks]].<ref>{{DailyRef|card-preview/starnheim-unleashed-2021-01-12|Starnheim Unleashed|[[Ethan Fleischer]]|January 12, 2021}}</ref>
* [[Doomskar]] {{-}} akin to miniature [[Wikipedia:Ragnarök|Ragnaröks]].<ref>{{DailyRef|card-preview/starnheim-unleashed-2021-01-12|Starnheim Unleashed|[[Ethan Fleischer]]|January 12, 2021}}</ref>
* [[Zombie#Kaldheim|Draugr]] {{-}} the undead [[Wikipedia:Draugr|draugr]].
* [[Zombie#Kaldheim|Draugr]] {{-}} similar to the undead [[Wikipedia:Draugr|draugr]].
===Viking Age===
===Viking Age===

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Cards from the Kaldheim set heavily reference Norse mythology and the Viking Age.

Analogs and references



Celestial beings



Viking Age

Maro's Kaldheim Teaser

Mark Rosewater gave his traditional teaser with the following hints.[4]

First up, here are some things you can expect:

Here are snippets of rules text, you’ll see:

And finally, here are some creature type lines you’ll see:


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