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Kaldheim is a top-down Norse mythology-inspired plane; Magic's take on what a world inspired by Vikings might look like.[1][2]

History in the game[]

Kaldheim was first featured on the card Skybreen in the 2009 Planechase set.[3] In the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 game, Kaldheim was the location of the ultimate antagonist Ramaz. In 2021, it is the setting of the eponymous Kaldheim set.


Kaldheim is steeped in storytelling and song, and all of its denizens share a common ethos: it is a plane of warriors who boast of their great deeds and yearn to die heroically in battle, who fight hard and celebrate harder, and where great tales pass into myth through the ages.[4]

Pivotal to the plane is the Cosmos, a "realm between" which Planeswalkers cannot cross[5] represented by a massive World Tree, from which ten separate realms hang like fruits. The realms are constantly shifting and, on occasion, may collapse unto each other. When this happens, a Doomskar occurs.[6] This causes earthquakes, destabilization, and total chaos.

There is no sun or moon in Kaldheim.[7] Light is instead provided by the realm of Starnheim. In addition, the branches of the World Tree can be seen in the skies of the realms.[8]


The world was born from a seed, and that seed grew into the World Tree, and everything else grew from it. Its leaves were every color imaginable, and as its branches spread out, they became worlds themselves. And once there were ten strong branches, fruit grew on the branches, and those were the Cosmos monsters. The serpent was the firstborn, and he has been growing since before the beginning of time.

At some point in the past, the Einir gods ruled the realms, but they were replaced by the Skoti, who became the new pantheon. The defeated Einir became the plane's elves.[9]

The Ten Realms[]

The Ten Realms are separate mini-planes moving around the World Tree and can even collide. Each realm is loosely aligned with a color pair.

The ten realms of Kaldheim

  • {W/U} Istfell, the mist-shrouded realm at the base of the World Tree. Home to the spirits of those who didn't fall in battle.
  • {U/B} Karfell, the realm of the draugr (viking zombies).
    • Skybreen, a mountain range inhabited by the last living humans of Karfell, a primitive barbarian race. Known for its scouring winds and the frigid temperatures that generate a frosty deterrent to magic.
  • {B/R} Immersturm, the land of fire, demons and constant warfare.
  • {R/G} Gnottvold, rolling hills and ancient mountains blanketed in thick forests form the home of the trolls.
  • {G/W} Bretagard, the realm of humans.
  • {W/B} Starnheim, the lofty realm of valkyries and fallen heroes.
  • {U/R} Surtland, the snowy realm of constant geological turmoil inhabited by fire and frost giants who are locked in a never-ending war.
  • {B/G} Skemfar, the shadowed forest land of wood and shadow elves.
  • {R/W} Axgard, a realm of rugged peaks and rocky flatlands. Home to the dwarves.
  • {G/U} Littjara, the mysterious realm of lakes and pine forests is home to the equally enigmatic race of shapeshifters.
  • Additional realms outside of the ten are known to exist.[8]
    • The Gods' Realm, the location of the Gods' Hall before it fell to Istfell. Magic has hindered their return attempts.
    • Valla, a plane that contained the Immersturm, at that point the name of a magical storm afflicting Valla. It became an independent plane after splitting from the World Tree, and the rest became "Immersturm" the realm. Although spared consumption by the storm, a fragment of the Immersturm still survives on Valla.[10]

Unknown Locations[]


Sapient races[]


Languages Spoken[]

  • The Common Language of Kaldheim
  • The Language of the Trolls




In-game references[]

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  • The name "Kaldheim" literally means "cold home" in several North Germanic languages, such as Old Norse, Icelandic, and Norwegian Nynorsk. "Home" means "land", "realm" or "world" in this context, like in Old Norse Jǫtunheimr "land of the giants" or "Giants' home". The word heimr was used along with the word garðr lit. "yard" (as in Miðgarðr lit. "Midyard") in the names of various realms in Norse mythology.
  • Kaldheim is metaphysically close to Ixalan.[13][17]
  • The Ten Worlds are adapted from the Nine Realms, with some variation to expand to the ten color pairs. Whilst most have counterparts, Álfheimr and Svartálfaheimr are effectively merged in Skemfar (neither are well detailed mythologically). Niflheimr is also split into Istfell and Karfell, reflecting the parts of Niflheimr that are outside Helheim and those that are inside it, respectively. Jötunheimr is partially represented in Gnottvold and Muspelheimr is partially represented in Immersturm, but both are partially merged with Niflheimr in the realm of Surtland.
    • Surtland, in particular, appears to be a reference both to Útgarðar or Útgarðr, which is sometimes said to lie on the junction of Jötunheimr, Musphelheimr, and Niflheimr, and to Gunnungagap, which is a primordial void connecting Niflheimr and Musphelheimr across which the elements of ice and fire influence each other, giving birth to the World Tree.
    • Also, Axgard appears to take inspiration from Niðavellir, a place sometimes considered to be the same as and sometimes distinct from Svartálfaheimr, as well as Asgard in at least its name.


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