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Race Avatar
Birthplace Mirrodin
The Darksteel Eye

Kaldra was a gigantic Mirran avatar composed of blue-white plasma that was summoned by Glissa Sunseeker after she collected the three so-called Kaldra artifacts (a helmet, a shield and a sword).[1][2]


The Kaldra Champion helped Glissa to fight Memnarch's constructs until Memnarch took control of it. It was destroyed when the green sun shot through the Radix.[3]

In New Phyrexia, the Kaldra artifacts fell under the control of the Phyrexians, and were integrated into their Living weapons project. Glissa was able to restore them and grew a specialized germ creature in the flesh vats beneath the surface. Phyrexia's newest champion will either grow strong enough to rival the original Kaldra Champion in power, or it will be defeated and someone stronger will claim the artifacts. Glissa is content that, either way, Phyrexia will prevail and improve.[4]

The Phyrexian Kaldra Compleat.


  • When the three Kaldra equipments are combined on the battlefield, they make a 9/9 creature with first strike, trample, indestructible, haste, and "whenever this creature deals damage to a creature, exile that creature."[5]
  • When you cast Kaldra Compleat, you get a 5/5 creature with the same abilities, except that it's a single Equipment with equip cost {7} that can be moved from the 0/0 Germ to any creature you choose, as opposed to the three equipment with equip costs at with {2}, {4} and {4} mana being auto equipped to a 4/4 legendary avatar.
  • The art of the Kaldra Avatar token that the Helm creates was commissioned for Magic Online.[6]
  • During the design of Mirrodin, Kaldra was named Jayd, and it wore a Ring instead of a Helm.[6]

In-game references[]

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