This page refers to the lands in Ravnica block based after the card Karoo, and the cycle of lands from Visions, where Karoo was originally printed. To view that card's page, click here.

Also known as 'bounce lands', these lands from the Ravnica block produce two different colours of mana when you tap them. The penalty for this is coming into play tapped and when they come into play, you have to return another land you control to your hand (bearing in mind you may only play one land per turn). There are 10 in all, one for each Guild , meaning that there is one for every combination of 2 colours. They are as follows:
- Ravnica

- Guildpact

- Dissension

The original cycle of 'Karoo' lands were printed in the Visions set. These produce 1 coloured mana, and 1 colourless mana, and require you to return a land of a specific basic type to your hand when they come into play. There is one for each colour. They are as follows:
- Visions