Karplusan Mountains

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Karplusan Mountains
Plane Dominaria
Part of New Argive
Formerly part of Sardian Mountains

The Karplusan Mountains were the mountain range forming the border between Kjeldor and Balduvia, during the Ice Age of Dominaria. Prior to the Brothers' War this region of Terisiare was known as the Sardian Mountains.[1] The Karplusans are the home of the aesthir, giant birds of prey.

Darien's Roost was the first Kjeldoran outpost allowed in the Karplusan Mountains, built during the peacemaking between Balduvia and Kjeldor. This later became Epityr. Other locations within the mountains are Tarnish and Elbreth. The Karplusan Mountains currently form part of New Argive.[2]

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