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as of Modern Horizons 2
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Kavu is a mainly red and green creature type used for cards that depict carnivorous mutant reptiles with long, low heads, square jaws and four or six legs. Until now, they only have appeared in the Invasion block, Time Spiral block and Dominaria.


Kavu are native to Dominaria, and have never been seen on another plane.[1] They have thick, hoofed fingers that allow them to be equally nimble on land or in trees. Kavu come in all sizes and shapes, quickly adapting themselves to their environment.[2] Their size ranges from that of a large dog to that of an elephant.

Kavu translates either to "ever watchful" or to "carved from stone"[3]


From what is known, they are an ancient species that at some point went into hibernation beneath Dominaria's surface. During the Phyrexian Invasion, Multani's magic revived them, and they immediately went about fighting the war. Shiv and Yavimaya seemed to have the greatest concentration of powerful Kavu dormant beneath them. Possibly Gaea had a hand in their creation or their awakening.[4]

When the Kavu emerged from their ancient nests, food chains long dormant became vibrant again. It was said that it took Yavimaya a thousand years to breed them, but that it took only seconds for them to prove their worth. To the Kavu, all Phyrexians were merely crunchy snacks. Dominarians gladly fought alongside them, until the Kavu figured out some Dominarians were quite tasty too.

After the invasion, Kavu have become a regular presence on Dominaria for quite some time. Enough so, to have become entrenched in the local culture.[5][6] In Llanowar, especially in the Kelfae elfhame, the Kavu have become integrated in the elvish lifestyle as a means of travel, warfare, labor and occasional food.[7]

Notable Kavu[]



Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Kavu Black Creature — Kavu 3/3


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