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Kayla bin-Kroog
Kayla bin-Kroog.png
Race Human
Birthplace Yotia, Terisiare, Dominaria
Lifetime Born c. 3 AR
The Brothers' War, The Gathering Dark

Kayla bin-Kroog was a princess of Yotia and the wife of Urza during the Brothers' War on Dominaria


Initially, her father had offered her in marriage to the man strong enough to move a great statue. All contestants failed, but Urza's automaton succeeded, and the king was convinced to allow him to marry her, convinced that an artificer so talented could be a valuable ally.

At the time Urza was not interested in Kayla, but in the Thran Tome that was stored in the royal vaults.

In time, Urza had access to a personal workshop and assistants. In this workshop, he created the ornithopters, and Yotian Soldiers that characterized the kingdom's army.

At first, Urza mostly ignored her. However, after her father's death, the couple grew closer when Kayla realized that Urza felt guilt over his father-in-law's death and Urza, in turn, came to realize how he had come to love his wife when Tawnos, his favored student, helped him understand that he was fearful of Kayla's reaction. During the next few days, Urza and his wife were neither seen or heard from save an explanatory letter left for Tawnos, their mutual friend. When Mishra later visited Kroog in an effort to negotiate a peace settlement he convinced Kayla to steal Urza's power stone and to sleep with him. This was likely out of jealousy and Mishra's need to possess what his brother had. This event left her son Harbin's parentage in doubt, although all constantly proclaimed that Harbin was indeed Urza's, not Mishra's son. After the war, she wrote the epic poem The Antiquity Wars, one of the few primary sources about the period that survived its aftermath.[1]

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