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Race Ogre
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Kazuul is an ogre slave-master living on the Murasa continent of Zendikar.


Kazuul is smarter than other ogres, and no less cruel; he enjoys throwing his weight around, maintaining his hold on the cliffs of Murasa, by being stronger than any challenger. Kazuul owns the only easy entry into Murasa, the Cliffs of Kazuul, and demands tribute from any who seek passage.[1] Those who pay (including a bribe to the lift operators at various points on the path) are allowed to traverse the steep zig-zagging trails cut into the cliffs between each harrowing vertical ascent using log-and-rope elevators, manned by humans and guarded by ogres, all in the service of Kazuul. Those who reach the top without proper tribute for Kazuul are cast out, sometimes hurled to their deaths in the crashing ocean. Kazuul wields an impressive six-foot meat cleaver.[2]

Kazuul also claims ownership of a network of mines inside Murasa's Wall, dug from the inland side of the mountains. His agents bring him slaves of all races, purchased from North Hada or Zulaport, to toil in the mines and carry ore to sell in Sea Gate or Kabira.[3]

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