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Kei Takahashi
Race Human/Eumidian hybrid, formerly human
Birthplace Empire of Madara, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4150 AR
Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist

Kei Takahashi was a Dominarian healer-in-training with the natural magical ability to sense danger and to prevent damage. He was the student of Ayesha Tanaka and the healer of Tetsuo Umezawa's entourage.


Kei had a rough youth, living with an abusive foster family, but his life took a turn for the better when Ayesha discovered his natural abilities and decided to train and adopt him. For a few years Kei lived a happy life while training under her.

When Ramses Overdark wanted to lure Tetsuo to the Edemi Islands, he had his master assassin, the eumidian Xira Arien, infect Kei with her brood. Kei fell seriously ill due to the larva growing inside him and suffered from insectoid mutations.

Tetsuo and his entourage tracked Xira down, hoping she could provide a cure for Kei, only to discover there was no cure. Tetsuo and Ayesha did manage to kill the insect growing within Kei, but he had to live with his mutations. These turned out not to be just physical, for he became vicious and hungry for battle after his ordeal.

A few weeks after this, Kei, along with the rest of Tetsuo's entourage, was forced to join the kentsu as punishment for Tetsuo's role in the failure of Overdark's attack on the Edemis. Kei was placed in a squad of healers, but longed to fight alongside the soldiers.

While Kei served on Kusho, Ayesha took the Sylvan Library from Lord Magnus and tried to warn her student about the poisoning of the mana lines on Kusho. However, she could only contact Kusho via evergreen trees transplanted from Argenti. Kei and Tor Wauki, Tetuso's second, went looking for these evergreens after the only one they knew of was burned by Barktooth Warbeard. They didn't find any, but did discover Ramirez DePietro protecting the sick Kushoans. While he was taking care of the ill, Kei was suddenly attacked by Tor.

In the following fight, Kei discovered that the "Tor" who attacked him, just like the "Warbeard" that had destroyed the evergreen tree, was actually the shapeshifter Halfdane. Kei and the real Tor were both mortally wounded by 'Dane and Xira Arien, but Kei used the last of his energy to heal Tor.

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