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Kendall Pepple is an employee at Wizards of the Coast since May 2018, where he serves as a Web Copyeditor for

Pepple presents himself as a poet, writer, editor, and music producer with an emphasis in copywriting and project coordination, upholding a strong command over the English language, grammar, MLA, AP and APA standards, creativity, and communication among his peers and across all departments, including merchandising, photography, photo editing, legal, marketing and more.[1]

He edits, stages, and publishes daily articles on the website. This also includes demoing pre-localized articles and card previews in 11 languages, podcasts, wallpapers, and more, primarily using HTML. In addition he writes, organizes, and publishes MTGO blog posts and blurbs for articles, events, and podcasts. He collaborates with photo editors for the image and style needs of each article


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